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XtErrorMsg(3)             XT COMPATIBILITY FUNCTIONS             XtErrorMsg(3)

       XtErrorMsg, XtSetErrorMsgHandler, XtWarningMsg, XtSetWarningMsgHandler
       - high-level error handlers

       void XtErrorMsg(String name, String type, String class, String default,
              String *params, Cardinal *num_params);

       void XtSetErrorMsgHandler(XtErrorMsgHandler msg_handler);

       void XtSetWarningMsgHandler(XtErrorMsgHandler msg_handler);

       void XtWarningMsg(String name, String type, String class, String
              default, String *params, Cardinal *num_params);

       class     Specifies the resource class.

       default   Specifies the default message to use.

       name      Specifies the general kind of error.

       type      Specifies the detailed name of the error.

                 Specifies the new fatal error procedure, which should not
                 return or the nonfatal error procedure, which usually

                 Specifies the number of values in the parameter list.

       params    Specifies a pointer to a list of values to be stored in the

       The XtErrorMsg function has been superceded by XtAppErrorMsg.

       The XtSetErrorMsgHandler function has been superceded by XtAppSetEr-

       The XtSetWarningMsgHandler function has been superceded by XtAppSet-

       The XtWarningMsg function has been superceded by XtAppWarningMsg

       X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11                      libXt 1.1.4                    XtErrorMsg(3)

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