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XtGetKeysymTable(3)              XT FUNCTIONS              XtGetKeysymTable(3)

       XtGetKeysymTable, XtKeysymToKeycodeList - query keysyms and keycodes

       Keysym* XtGetKeysymTable(Display* display, KeyCode* min_keycode_return,
              int *keysyms_per_keycode_return);

       void XtKeysymToKeycodeList(Display* display, KeySym keysym, KeyCode**
              keycodes_return, Cardinal* keycount_return);

       display   Specifies the display whose table is required.

                 Returns the minimum KeyCode valid for the display.

              Returns the number of KeySyms stored for each KeyCode.

       keysym    Specifies the KeySym for which to search.

                 Returns a list of KeyCodes that have keysym associated with
                 them, or NULL if keycount_return is 0.

                 Returns the number of KeyCodes in the keycode list.

       XtGetKeysymTable returns a pointer to the Intrinsics' copy of the
       server's KeyCode-to-KeySym table. This table must not be modified.

       The XtKeysymToKeycodeList procedure returns all the KeyCodes that have
       keysym in their entry for the keyboard mapping table associated with
       display.  The caller should free the storage pointed to by key-
       codes_return using XtFree when it is no longer useful.

       X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11                      libXt 1.1.4              XtGetKeysymTable(3)

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