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XtAppSetTypeConverter(3)         XT FUNCTIONS         XtAppSetTypeConverter(3)

       XtAppSetTypeConverter, XtSetTypeConverter - register resource converter

       void XtAppSetTypeConverter(XtAppContext app_context, String from_type,
              String to_type, XtConverter converter, XtConvertArgList con-
              vert_args, Cardinal num_args, XtCacheType cache_type, XtDestruc-
              tor destructor);

       void XtSetTypeConverter(String from_type, String to_type, XtConverter
              converter, XtConvertArgList convert_args, Cardinal num_args,
              XtCacheType cache_type, XtDestructor destructor);

                 Specifies the application context.

       converter Specifies the type converter procedure.

                 Specifies how to compute the additional arguments to the con-
                 verter or NULL.

       from_type Specifies the source type.

       num_args  Specifies the number of additional arguments to the converter
                 or zero.

       to_type   Specifies the destination type.

                 Specifies whether or not resources produced by this converter
                 are sharable or display-specific and when they should be

                 Specifies a destroy procedure for resources produced by this
                 conversion, or NULL if no additional action is required to
                 deallocate resources produced by the converter.

       XtSetTypeConverter registers the specified type converter and destruc-
       tor in all application contexts created by the calling process, includ-
       ing any future application contexts that may be created.  XtAppSetType-
       Converter registers the specified type converter in the single applica-
       tion context specified. If the same from_type and to_type are specified
       in multiple calls to either function, the most recent overrides the
       previous ones.

       X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11                      libXt 1.1.4         XtAppSetTypeConverter(3)

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