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XkbSetXlibControls(3)            XKB FUNCTIONS           XkbSetXlibControls(3)

       XkbSetXlibControls - Changes the state of the Library Controls

       unsigned   int  XkbSetXlibControls  (Display  *display,  unsigned  long
              bits_to_change, unsigned long values_for_bits);

       - display
              connection to X server

       - bits_to_change
              selects controls to be modified

       - values_for_bits
              turns selected controls on (1) or off (0)

       XkbSetXlibControls modifies the  state  of  the  controls  selected  by
       bits_to_change;  only the controls selected by bits_to_change are modi-
       fied. If the bit corresponding to a control is on in bits_to_change and
       also  on  in values_for_bits, the control is enabled. If the bit corre-
       sponding to  a  control  is  on  in  bits_to_change  but  off  in  val-
       ues_for_bits,  the  control  is  disabled.  bits_to_change should be an
       inclusive OR of bits from Table 1.

               Table 1 Library Control Masks
       Library Control Mask              Value
       XkbLC_ForceLatin1Lookup           (1 << 0)
       XkbLC_ConsumeLookupMods           (1 << 1)
       XkbLC_AlwaysConsumeShiftAndLock   (1 << 2)
       XkbLC_IgnoreNewKeyboards          (1 << 3)
       XkbLC_ConsumeKeysOnComposeFail    (1 << 29)
       XkbLC_ComposeLED                  (1 << 30)
       XkbLC_BeepOnComposeFail           (1 << 31)
       XkbLC_AllControls                 (0xc0000007)

       (1 << 0)       XkbLC_ForceLatin1Lookup

       (1 << 1)       XkbLC_ConsumeLookupMods

       (1 << 2)       XkbLC_AlwaysConsumeShiftAndLock

       (1 << 3)       XkbLC_IgnoreNewKeyboards

       (1 << 29)      XkbLC_ConsumeKeysOnComposeFail

       (1 << 30)      XkbLC_ComposeLED

       (1 << 31)      XkbLC_BeepOnComposeFail

       (0xc0000007)   XkbLC_AllControls

X Version 11                     libX11 1.6.2            XkbSetXlibControls(3)

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