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XkbSASetPtrDfltValue(3)          XKB FUNCTIONS         XkbSASetPtrDfltValue(3)

       XkbSASetPtrDfltValue - Sets the valueXXX field of act from val

       void XkbSASetPtrDfltValue (XkbAction act, int val);

       - act  action in which to set valueXXX

       - val  value to set in valueXXX

       Actions  associated  with  the  XkbPtrDfltAction  structure  change the
       mk_dflt_btn attribute of the MouseKeys control.

       If the MouseKeys control is not enabled, KeyPress and KeyRelease events
       are  treated  as  though  the action is XkbSA_NoAction. Otherwise, this
       action changes the mk_dflt_btn attribute of the MouseKeys control.

       The type field of  the  XkbPtrDfltAction  structure  should  always  be

       The  flags  field is composed of the bitwise inclusive OR of the values
       shown in Table 1 (currently there is only one value defined).

                        Table 1 Pointer Default Flags
       Flag                    Meaning
       XkbSA_DfltBtnAbsolute   If set, the value  field  represents  an
                               absolute  pointer button. Otherwise, the
                               value field represents the amount to  be
                               added to the current default button.

       The affect field specifies what changes as a result of this action. The
       only valid value for the affect field is XkbSA_AffectDfltBtn.

       The valueXXX field is a signed character that represents the new button
       value  for  the  mk_dflt_btn  attribute  of  the  MouseKeys control. If
       XkbSA_DfltBtnAbsolute is set in flags, valueXXX specifies the button to
       be  used;  otherwise,  valueXXX specifies the amount to be added to the
       current default button. In either  case,  illegal  button  choices  are
       wrapped back around into range. Xkb provides macros, to convert between
       the integer and signed character values in XkbPtrDfltAction structures.

           typedef struct _XkbPtrDfltAction {
               unsigned char    type;      /* XkbSA_SetPtrDflt */
               unsigned char    flags;     /* controls the pointer button number */
               unsigned char    affect;    /* XkbSA_AffectDfltBtn */
               char             valueXXX;  /* new default button member */
           } XkbPtrDfltAction;

X Version 11                     libX11 1.6.2          XkbSASetPtrDfltValue(3)

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