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XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping(3)     XKB FUNCTIONS    XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping(3)

       XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping  -  Update  the  keyboard description that is
       internal to the X library

       Status XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping (XkbMapNotifyEvent *event);

       - event
              event initiating remapping

       XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping is  the  Xkb  equivalent  of  the  core  XRe-
       freshKeyboardMapping  function.  It requests that the X server send the
       current key mapping  information  to  this  client.  A  client  usually
       invokes   XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping  after  receiving  an  XkbMapNotify
       event.  XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping returns Success if  it  succeeds  and
       BadMatch if the event is not an Xkb event.

       The  XkbMapNotify  event  can  be generated when some client calls Xkb-
       SetMap, XkbChangeMap, XkbGetKeyboardByName, or any of  the  standard  X
       library functions that change the keyboard mapping or modifier mapping.

       Success        The  XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping  function returns Success
                      when the request that the X server send the current  key
                      mapping information to this client is successful.

       BadMatch       A  compatible  version  of  Xkb was not available in the
                      server or an argument has correct type and range, but is
                      otherwise invalid

       XkbChangeMap(3),  XkbGetKeyboardByName(3),  XkbSetMap(3),  XRefreshKey-

X Version 11                     libX11 1.6.2     XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping(3)

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