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XkbGetDetectableAutoRepeat(3)    XKB FUNCTIONS   XkbGetDetectableAutoRepeat(3)

       XkbGetDetectableAutoRepeat  - Determines whether or not the server sup-
       ports DetectableAutoRepeat

       Bool   XkbGetDetectableAutoRepeat   (Display   *display,   Bool   *sup-

       - display
              connection to X server

       - supported_rtrn
              backfilled True if DetectableAutoRepeat supported

       Auto-repeat is the generation of multiple key events by a keyboard when
       the user presses a key and holds it down. Keyboard hardware and device-
       dependent  X  server software often implement auto-repeat by generating
       multiple KeyPress events with  no  intervening  KeyRelease  event.  The
       standard behavior of the X server is to generate a KeyRelease event for
       every KeyPress event. If the  keyboard  hardware  and  device-dependent
       software  of  the X server implement auto-repeat by generating multiple
       KeyPress events, the device-independent part of the X server by default
       synthetically  generates  a KeyRelease event after each KeyPress event.
       This provides predictable behavior for X clients, but  does  not  allow
       those clients to detect the fact that a key is auto-repeating.

       Xkb  allows  clients  to  request  detectable auto-repeat.  If a client
       requests and the server supports  DetectableAutoRepeat,  Xkb  generates
       KeyRelease  events  only  when  the  key  is  physically  released.  If
       DetectableAutoRepeat is not supported or has not  been  requested,  the
       server synthesizes a KeyRelease event for each repeating KeyPress event
       it generates.

       DetectableAutoRepeat, unlike other controls, is not  contained  in  the
       XkbControlsRec  structure,  nor  can  it be enabled or disabled via the
       EnabledControls control.  Instead, query and  set  DetectableAutoRepeat
       using XkbGetDetectableAutoRepeat and XkbSetDetectableAutoRepeat.

       DetectableAutoRepeat  is  a  condition  that  applies  to  all keyboard
       devices for a client's connection to a given X  server;  it  cannot  be
       selectively  set  for some devices and not for others. For this reason,
       none  of  the  Xkb  library  functions  involving  DetectableAutoRepeat
       involve a device specifier.

       XkbGetDetectableAutoRepeat  queries the server for the current state of
       DetectableAutoRepeat and waits for a reply. If  supported_rtrn  is  not
       NULL,  it  backfills  supported_rtrn  with  True if the server supports
       DetectableAutoRepeat, and False otherwise.   XkbGetDetectableAutoRepeat
       returns  the  current  state of DetectableAutoRepeat for the requesting
       client: True if DetectableAutoRepeat is set, and False otherwise.

       True           The XkbGetDetectableAutoRepeat function returns True  if
                      the server supports DetectableAutoRepeat.

       False          The XkbGetDetectableAutoRepeat function returns False if
                      the server does not support DetectableAutoRepeat.

X Version 11                     libX11 1.6.2    XkbGetDetectableAutoRepeat(3)

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