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XkbComputeSectionBounds(3)       XKB FUNCTIONS      XkbComputeSectionBounds(3)

       XkbComputeSectionBounds - Update the bounding box of a section

       Bool  XkbComputeSectionBounds  (XkbGeometryPtr geom, XkbSectionPtr sec-

       - geom geometry that contains the section

       - section
              section to be examined and updated

        If you add or delete a row to or from a section, or if you change  the
       geometry of any of the rows in that section, you may need to update the
       bounding box for that section.

       XkbComputeSectionBounds examines  all  the  rows  of  the  section  and
       updates  the bounding box of that section so that it contains all rows.
       XkbComputeSectionBounds returns False if any of the arguments is  NULL;
       otherwise, it returns True.

X Version 11                     libX11 1.6.2       XkbComputeSectionBounds(3)

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