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XkbAllocGeomOutlines(3)          XKB FUNCTIONS         XkbAllocGeomOutlines(3)

       XkbAllocGeomOutlines  -  Allocate space for an arbitrary number of out-
       lines to a shape

       Status XkbAllocGeomOutlines (XkbShapePtr shape, int num_needed);

       - shape
              shape for which outlines should be allocated

       - num_needed
              number of new outlines required

       Xkb provides a number of functions to allocate and  free  subcomponents
       of  a  keyboard  geometry. Use these functions to create or modify key-
       board geometries.  Note that these functions merely allocate space  for
       the  new  element(s), and it is up to you to fill in the values explic-
       itly in your code. These allocation functions increase sz_*  but  never
       touch  num_* (unless there is an allocation failure, in which case they
       reset both sz_* and num_* to zero). These functions return  Success  if
       they  succeed, BadAlloc if they are not able to allocate space, or Bad-
       Value if a parameter is not as expected.

       XkbAllocGeomOutlines allocates space for  num_needed  outlines  in  the
       specified shape.  The outlines are not initialized.

       To free geometry outlines, use XkbFreeGeomOutlines.

       BadAlloc       Unable to allocate storage

       BadValue       An argument is out of range


X Version 11                     libX11 1.6.2          XkbAllocGeomOutlines(3)

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