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XCUP(3)                           X FUNCTIONS                          XCUP(3)

       XcupGetReservedColormapEntries  - list colormap entries reserved by the

       cc [ flag ... ] file ... -lXext [ library ... ]
       #include <X11/extensions/Xcup.h>

       Status XcupGetReservedColormapEntries(Display *display,
              int screen, XColor **colors_out, int *ncolors);

       display   Specifies the connection to the X server.

       screen    Screen number on the host server.

                 Returns the values reserved by the server.

       ncolors   Returns the number of items in colors_out.

       The XcupGetReservedColormapEntries function returns a list of  colormap
       entries  (pixels) that are reserved by the system. This list will, at a
       minimum, contain entries for the BlackPixel and WhitePixel of the spec-
       ified screen. Use XFree to free colors_out.

       To  minimize colormap flash, an application which installs its own pri-
       vate colormap should query the special  colors  by  calling  XCupGetRe-
       servedColormapEntries,  and can then store those entries (in the proper
       location) in its private colormap using XCupStoreColors.

       XcupQueryVersion(3Xext), XcupStoreColors(3Xext), XFree(3X11),
       Colormap Utilization Policy and Extension

X Version 11                     libXext 1.3.3                         XCUP(3)

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