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XSupportsLocale(3)              XLIB FUNCTIONS              XSupportsLocale(3)

       XSupportsLocale, XSetLocaleModifiers - determine locale support and
       configure locale modifiers

       Bool XSupportsLocale(void);

       char *XSetLocaleModifiers(char *modifier_list);

                 Specifies the modifiers.

       The XSupportsLocale function returns True if Xlib functions are capable
       of operating under the current locale.  If it returns False, Xlib
       locale-dependent functions for which the XLocaleNotSupported return
       status is defined will return XLocaleNotSupported.  Other Xlib locale-
       dependent routines will operate in the ``C'' locale.

       The XSetLocaleModifiers function sets the X modifiers for the current
       locale setting.  The modifier_list argument is a null-terminated string
       of the form ``{@category=value}'', that is, having zero or more con-
       catenated ``@category=value'' entries, where category is a category
       name and value is the (possibly empty) setting for that category.  The
       values are encoded in the current locale.  Category names are
       restricted to the POSIX Portable Filename Character Set.

       The local host X locale modifiers announcer (on POSIX-compliant sys-
       tems, the XMODIFIERS environment variable) is appended to the modi-
       fier_list to provide default values on the local host.  If a given cat-
       egory appears more than once in the list, the first setting in the list
       is used.  If a given category is not included in the full modifier
       list, the category is set to an implementation-dependent default for
       the current locale.  An empty value for a category explicitly specifies
       the implementation-dependent default.

       If the function is successful, it returns a pointer to a string.  The
       contents of the string are such that a subsequent call with that string
       (in the same locale) will restore the modifiers to the same settings.
       If modifier_list is a NULL pointer, XSetLocaleModifiers also returns a
       pointer to such a string, and the current locale modifiers are not

       If invalid values are given for one or more modifier categories sup-
       ported by the locale, a NULL pointer is returned, and none of the cur-
       rent modifiers are changed.

       At program startup, the modifiers that are in effect are unspecified
       until the first successful call to set them.  Whenever the locale is
       changed, the modifiers that are in effect become unspecified until the
       next successful call to set them.  Clients should always call XSetLo-
       caleModifiers with a non-NULL modifier_list after setting the locale
       before they call any locale-dependent Xlib routine.

       The only standard modifier category currently defined is ``im'', which
       identifies the desired input method.  The values for input method are
       not standardized.  A single locale may use multiple input methods,
       switching input method under user control.  The modifier may specify
       the initial input method in effect or an ordered list of input methods.
       Multiple input methods may be specified in a single im value string in
       an implementation-dependent manner.

       The returned modifiers string is owned by Xlib and should not be modi-
       fied or freed by the client.  It may be freed by Xlib after the current
       locale or modifiers are changed.  Until freed, it will not be modified
       by Xlib.

       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11                     libX11 1.6.2               XSupportsLocale(3)

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