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moniker(3pm)          User Contributed Perl Documentation         moniker(3pm)

       UNIVERSAL::moniker - Nicer names for your Perl modules/classes

         use UNIVERSAL::moniker;

       Class names in Perl often don't sound great when spoken, or look good
       when written in prose.  For this reason, we tend to say things like
       "customer" or "basket" when we are referring to
       "My::Site::User::Customer" or "My::Site::Shop::Basket".  We thought it
       would be nice if our classes knew what we would prefer to call them.

       This module will add a "moniker" (and "plural_moniker") method to
       "UNIVERSAL", and so to every class or module.


       Returns the moniker for $ob.  So, if $ob->isa("Big::Scary::Animal"),
       "moniker" will return "animal".


       Returns the plural moniker for $ob.  So, if
       $ob->isa("Cephalopod::Octopus"), "plural_moniker" will return

       (You need to install Lingua::EN::Inflect for this to work.)

       Marty Pauley <>, Tony Bowden <>,
       Elizabeth Mattijsen <>

       (Yes, 3 authors for such a small module!)

         Copyright (C) 2004 Kasei

         This program is free software; you can redistribute it under the same terms as

         This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
         ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS

perl v5.14.2                      2013-03-09                      moniker(3pm)

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