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       TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::RawTAP - Stream output from raw TAP in a
       scalar/array ref.

       Version 3.30

         use TAP::Parser::Source;
         use TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::RawTAP;

         my $source = TAP::Parser::Source->new->raw( \"1..1\nok 1\n" );

         my $class = 'TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::RawTAP';
         my $vote  = $class->can_handle( $source );
         my $iter  = $class->make_iterator( $source );

       This is a raw TAP output TAP::Parser::SourceHandler - it has 2 jobs:

       1. Figure out if the TAP::Parser::Source it's given is raw TAP output

       2. Creates an iterator for raw TAP output ("make_iterator").

       Unless you're writing a plugin or subclassing TAP::Parser, you probably
       won't need to use this module directly.

   Class Methods

         my $vote = $class->can_handle( $source );

       Only votes if $source is an array, or a scalar with newlines.  Casts
       the following votes:

         0.9  if it's a scalar with '..' in it
         0.7  if it's a scalar with 'ok' in it
         0.3  if it's just a scalar with newlines
         0.5  if it's an array


         my $iterator = $class->make_iterator( $source );

       Returns a new TAP::Parser::Iterator::Array for the source.
       "$source->raw" must be an array ref, or a scalar ref.

       "croak"s on error.

       Please see "SUBCLASSING" in TAP::Parser for a subclassing overview.

       TAP::Object, TAP::Parser, TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory,
       TAP::Parser::SourceHandler, TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::Executable,
       TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::Perl, TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::File,

perl v5.20.2                      201TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::RawTAP(3perl)

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Caching idea and code contribution by James Richardson

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