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Sub::Name(3pm)        User Contributed Perl Documentation       Sub::Name(3pm)

       Sub::Name - (re)name a sub

       version 0.12

           use Sub::Name;

           subname $name, $subref;

           $subref = subname foo => sub { ... };

       This module has only one function, which is also exported by default:

   subname NAME, CODEREF
       Assigns a new name to referenced sub.  If package specification is
       omitted in the name, then the current package is used.  The return
       value is the sub.

       The name is only used for informative routines (caller, Carp, etc).
       You won't be able to actually invoke the sub by the given name.  To
       allow that, you need to do glob-assignment yourself.

       Note that for anonymous closures (subs that reference lexicals declared
       outside the sub itself) you can name each instance of the closure
       differently, which can be very useful for debugging.

       o   Sub::Identify - for getting information about subs

       o   Sub::Util - set_subname is another implementation of "subname"

       Matthijs van Duin <>

       o   Karen Etheridge <>

       o   Florian Ragwitz <>

       o   Matthijs van Duin <>

       o   Reini Urban <>

       o   Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsaaker <>

       o   gfx <>

       o   J.R. Mash <>

       This software is copyright (c) 2004, 2008 by Matthijs van Duin, all
       rights reserved; copyright (c) 2014 cPanel Inc., all rights reserved.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.20.1                      2014-09-04                    Sub::Name(3pm)

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