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Software::License(3pm)User Contributed Perl DocumentatioSoftware::License(3pm)

       Software::License - packages that provide templated software licenses

       version 0.103010

         my $license = Software::License::Discordian->new({
           holder => 'Ricardo Signes',

         print $output_fh $license->fulltext;

         my $license = $subclass->new(\%arg);

       This method returns a new license object for the given license class.
       Valid arguments are:

         holder - the holder of the copyright; required
         year   - the year of copyright; defaults to current year

       These methods are attribute readers.

       This method returns the name of the license, suitable for shoving in
       the middle of a sentence, generally with a leading capitalized "The."

       This method returns the URL at which a canonical text of the license
       can be found, if one is available.  If possible, this will point at
       plain text, but it may point to an HTML resource.

       This method returns a snippet of text, usually a few lines, indicating
       the copyright holder and year of copyright, as well as an indication of
       the license under which the software is distributed.

       This method returns a summary of the license. This summary must refer
       to a file containing the whole license. On Debian system, the file
       containing the whole license will be in "/usr/share/common-licenses/"
       directory. (Available only on Debian)

       This method returns a summary of the license (if available) or the full
       text of the license (Available only on Debian)

       This method returns the full text of the license.

       This method returns the complete text of the license, preceded by the
       copyright notice.

       This method returns the version of the license.  If the license is not
       versioned, this method will return false.

       This method returns the string that should be used for this license in
       the CPAN META.yml file, according to the CPAN Meta spec v1, or undef if
       there is no known string to use.

       This method may also be invoked as "meta_yml_name" for legacy reasons.

       This method returns the string that should be used for this license in
       the CPAN META.json or META.yml file, according to the CPAN Meta spec
       v2, or undef if there is no known string to use.  If this method does
       not exist, and "meta_name" returns open_source, restricted,
       unrestricted, or unknown, that value will be used.

       If you have an entry in a META.yml or META.json file, or similar
       metadata, and want to look up the Software::License class to use, there
       are useful tools in Software::LicenseUtils.

       o   register licenses with aliases to allow $registry->get('gpl', 2);

       The specific license:

       o   Software::License::AGPL_3

       o   Software::License::Apache_1_1

       o   Software::License::Apache_2_0

       o   Software::License::Artistic_1_0

       o   Software::License::Artistic_2_0

       o   Software::License::BSD

       o   Software::License::CC0

       o   Software::License::FreeBSD

       o   Software::License::GFDL_1_2

       o   Software::License::GPL_1

       o   Software::License::GPL_2

       o   Software::License::GPL_3

       o   Software::License::LGPL_2_1

       o   Software::License::LGPL_3_0

       o   Software::License::MIT

       o   Software::License::Mozilla_1_0

       o   Software::License::Mozilla_1_1

       o   Software::License::Mozilla_2_0

       o   Software::License::None

       o   Software::License::OpenSSL

       o   Software::License::Perl_5

       o   Software::License::QPL_1_0

       o   Software::License::SSLeay

       o   Software::License::Sun

       o   Software::License::Zlib

       Ricardo Signes <>

       This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Ricardo Signes.

       This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
       the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

perl v5.20.1                      2014-09-27            Software::License(3pm)

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