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Mail::SPF::Mod::RedireUserpContributed Perl DocumMail::SPF::Mod::Redirect(3pm)

       Mail::SPF::Mod::Redirect - SPF record "redirect" modifier class

       An object of class Mail::SPF::Mod::Redirect represents an SPF record
       modifier of type "redirect".

       The following constructors are provided:

       new(%options): returns Mail::SPF::Mod::Redirect
           Creates a new SPF record "redirect" modifier object.

           %options is a list of key/value pairs representing any of the
           following options:

               See "new" in Mail::SPF::Mod.

       new_from_string($text, %options): returns Mail::SPF::Mod::Redirect;
       throws Mail::SPF::ENothingToParse, Mail::SPF::EInvalidMod
           Creates a new SPF record "redirect" modifier object by parsing the
           string and any options given.

   Class methods
       The following class methods are provided:

       name: returns string
           Returns 'redirect'.

       name_pattern: returns Regexp
           Returns a regular expression that matches a modifier name of

       precedence: returns real
           Returns a precedence value of 0.8.  See "precedence" in

   Instance methods
       The following instance methods are provided:

           See "params" in Mail::SPF::Mod.

       domain_spec: returns Mail::SPF::MacroString
           Returns the "domain-spec" parameter of the modifier.

       process($server, $request, $result): throws Mail::SPF::Result
           If no mechanism matched during the evaluation of the current SPF
           record, performs a recursive SPF check using the given SPF server
           and request objects and substituting the modifier's target domain
           name for the request's authority domain.  The result of the
           recursive SPF check is then thrown as the result of the current
           record's evaluation.  However, if the target domain has no
           acceptable SPF record, a "permerror" result is thrown.  See RFC
           4408, 6.1, for details.

       See Mail::SPF::Mod for other supported instance methods.

       Mail::SPF, Mail::SPF::Mod, Mail::SPF::Term, Mail::SPF::Record


       For availability, support, and license information, see the README file
       included with Mail::SPF.

       Julian Mehnle <>, Shevek <>

perl v5.18.2                      2014-06-29     Mail::SPF::Mod::Redirect(3pm)

Czas wygenerowania: 0.00013 sek.

Created with the man page lookup class by Andrew Collington.
Based on a C man page viewer by Vadim Pavlov
Unicode soft-hyphen fix (as used by RedHat) by Dan Edwards
Some optimisations by Eli Argon
Caching idea and code contribution by James Richardson

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