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Mail::Field::Generic(3User Contributed Perl DocumentaMail::Field::Generic(3pm)

       Mail::Field::Generic - implementation for inspecific fields

          is a Mail::Field

        use Mail::Field;
        my $field = Mail::Field->new('Subject', 'some subject text');
        my $field = Mail::Field->new(subject => 'some subject text');

       A generic implementation for header fields without own implementation.
       This is fine for fields like "Subject", "X-Mailer", etc., where the
       field holds only a string of no particular importance/format.

       See documentation in the base class.

       See documentation in the base class.

       See documentation in the base class.

           See "Constructors" in Mail::Field

       Mail::Field::Generic->extract(TAG, HEAD [, INDEX ])
           See "Constructors" in Mail::Field

       Mail::Field::Generic->new(TAG [, STRING | OPTIONS])
           See "Constructors" in Mail::Field

   "Fake" constructors
       See documentation in the base class.

             Text    ''

           Text => STRING
           Set the new text, which is empty when no STRING is provided.

       See documentation in the base class.

           See "Accessors" in Mail::Field

           See "Accessors" in Mail::Field

           See "Accessors" in Mail::Field

   Smart accessors
       See documentation in the base class.

           See "Smart accessors" in Mail::Field

       See documentation in the base class.

       Error: Undefined subroutine <method> called
           Mail::Field objects use autoloading to compile new functionality.
           Apparently, the method called is not implemented for the specific
           class of the field object.

       This module is part of the MailTools distribution,

       The MailTools bundle was developed by Graham Barr.  Later, Mark
       Overmeer took over maintenance without commitment to further

       Mail::Cap by Gisle Aas <>.  Mail::Field::AddrList by
       Peter Orbaek <>.  Mail::Mailer and Mail::Send by Tim Bunce
       <>.  For other contributors see ChangeLog.

       Copyrights 1995-2000 Graham Barr <> and 2001-2007 Mark
       Overmeer <>.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.  See

perl v5.20.0                      2014-01-05         Mail::Field::Generic(3pm)

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Based on a C man page viewer by Vadim Pavlov
Unicode soft-hyphen fix (as used by RedHat) by Dan Edwards
Some optimisations by Eli Argon
Caching idea and code contribution by James Richardson

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