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LWP::MemberMixin(3pm) User Contributed Perl DocumentationLWP::MemberMixin(3pm)

       LWP::MemberMixin - Member access mixin class

        package Foo;
        require LWP::MemberMixin;

       A mixin class to get methods that provide easy access to member
       variables in the %$self.  Ideally there should be better Perl language
       support for this.

       There is only one method provided:

       _elem($elem [, $val])
           Internal method to get/set the value of member variable $elem. If
           $val is present it is used as the new value for the member
           variable.  If it is not present the current value is not touched.
           In both cases the previous value of the member variable is

perl v5.18.2                      2014-04-23             LWP::MemberMixin(3pm)

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