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LWP::Debug(3pm)       User Contributed Perl Documentation      LWP::Debug(3pm)

       LWP::Debug - deprecated

       LWP::Debug is used to provide tracing facilities, but these are not
       used by LWP any more.  The code in this module is kept around
       (undocumented) so that 3rd party code that happens to use the old
       interfaces continue to run.

       One useful feature that LWP::Debug provided (in an imprecise and
       troublesome way) was network traffic monitoring.  The following section
       provides some hints about recommended replacements.

   Network traffic monitoring
       The best way to monitor the network traffic that LWP generates is to
       use an external TCP monitoring program.  The Wireshark program
       (<>) is highly recommended for this.

       Another approach it to use a debugging HTTP proxy server and make LWP
       direct all its traffic via this one.  Call "$ua->proxy" to set it up
       and then just use LWP as before.

       For less precise monitoring needs just setting up a few simple handlers
       might do.  The following example sets up handlers to dump the request
       and response objects that pass through LWP:

         use LWP::UserAgent;
         $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new;
         $ua->default_header('Accept-Encoding' => scalar HTTP::Message::decodable());

         $ua->add_handler("request_send",  sub { shift->dump; return });
         $ua->add_handler("response_done", sub { shift->dump; return });



perl v5.18.2                      2014-04-23                   LWP::Debug(3pm)

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