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FcPatternBuild(3)                                            FcPatternBuild(3)

       FcPatternBuild,  FcPatternVaBuild,  FcPatternVapBuild - Create patterns
       from arguments

       #include <fontconfig/fontconfig.h>

       FcPattern * FcPatternBuild (FcPattern *pattern, ...);

       FcPattern * FcPatternVaBuild (FcPattern *pattern, va_list va);

       void FcPatternVapBuild (FcPattern *result, FcPattern *pattern, va_list va);

       Builds a pattern using a list of objects, types and values. Each  value
       to be entered in the pattern is specified with three arguments:

       1.     Object name, a string describing the property to be added.

       2.     Object type, one of the FcType enumerated values

       3.     Value,  not an FcValue, but the raw type as passed to any of the
              FcPatternAdd<type> functions. Must match the type of the  second

       The  argument  list is terminated by a null object name, no object type
       nor value need be passed for this. The values are added  to  `pattern',
       if  `pattern'  is  null,  a new pattern is created. In either case, the
       pattern is returned. Example

       pattern = FcPatternBuild (0, FC_FAMILY, FcTypeString, "Times", (char *) 0);

       FcPatternVaBuild is used when the arguments are already in the form  of
       a  varargs  value.  FcPatternVapBuild  is  a  macro  version  of FcPat-
       ternVaBuild which returns its result directly in the result variable.

       Fontconfig version 2.11.0

                                  11 10 2013                 FcPatternBuild(3)

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