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Dpkg::Vendor(3)                  libdpkg-perl                  Dpkg::Vendor(3)

       Dpkg::Vendor - get access to some vendor specific information

       The files in $Dpkg::CONFDIR/origins/ can provide information about
       various vendors who are providing Debian packages. Currently those
       files look like this:

         Vendor: Debian
         Bugs: debbugs://

       If the vendor derives from another vendor, the file should document the
       relationship by listing the base distribution in the Parent field:

         Parent: Debian

       The file should be named according to the vendor name.

       $dir = Dpkg::Vendor::get_vendor_dir()
           Returns the current dpkg origins directory name, where the vendor
           files are stored.

       $fields = Dpkg::Vendor::get_vendor_info($name)
           Returns a Dpkg::Control object with the information parsed from the
           corresponding vendor file in $Dpkg::CONFDIR/origins/. If $name is
           omitted, it will use $Dpkg::CONFDIR/origins/default which is
           supposed to be a symlink to the vendor of the currently installed
           operating system. Returns undef if there's no file for the given

       $name = Dpkg::Vendor::get_vendor_file($name)
           Check if there's a file for the given vendor and returns its name.

       $name = Dpkg::Vendor::get_current_vendor()
           Returns the name of the current vendor. If DEB_VENDOR is set, it
           uses that first, otherwise it falls back to parsing
           $Dpkg::CONFDIR/origins/default.  If that file doesn't exist, it
           returns undef.

       $object = Dpkg::Vendor::get_vendor_object($name)
           Return the Dpkg::Vendor::* object of the corresponding vendor.  If
           $name is omitted, return the object of the current vendor.  If no
           vendor can be identified, then return the Dpkg::Vendor::Default

       Dpkg::Vendor::run_vendor_hook($hookid, @params)
           Run a hook implemented by the current vendor object.

   Version 1.01
       New function: get_vendor_dir().

   Version 1.00
       Mark the module as public.

1.17.27                           2016-04-25                   Dpkg::Vendor(3)

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