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Dpkg::BuildProfiles(3)           libdpkg-perl           Dpkg::BuildProfiles(3)

       Dpkg::BuildProfiles - handle build profiles

       The Dpkg::BuildProfiles module provides functions to handle the build

       my @profiles = get_build_profiles()
           Get an array with the currently active build profiles, taken from
           the environment variable DEB_BUILD_PROFILES.

           Set @profiles as the current active build profiles, by setting the
           environment variable DEB_BUILD_PROFILES.

       my @profiles = parse_build_profiles($string)
           Parses a build profiles specification, into an array of array

       evaluate_restriction_formula(\@formula, \@profiles)
           Evaluate whether a restriction formula of the form "<foo bar>
           <baz>", given as a nested array, is true or false, given the array
           of enabled build profiles.

   Version 1.00
       Mark the module as public.

1.17.27                           2016-04-25            Dpkg::BuildProfiles(3)

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