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DPMSEnable(3)                     X FUNCTIONS                    DPMSEnable(3)

       DPMSEnable - enables DPMS on the specified display

       cc [ flag ... ] file ... -lXext [ library ... ]
       #include <X11/extensions/dpms.h>

       Status DPMSEnable ( Display *display );

              Specifies the connection to the X server

       The  DPMSEnable  function  enables  Display  Power Management Signaling
       (DPMS) on the specified display.  When DPMS is enabled, DPMS  will  use
       the  currently  saved  timeout  values. It will trigger the appropriate
       DPMS power level based on the timeout values. Refer to DPMSSetTimeouts.
       All physical screens are affected by DPMSEnable at the same time.

       If  DPMSEnable  is invoked on a display which has DPMS already enabled,
       or on a display which does not support DPMS, no change is made  and  no
       error is returned.

       TRUE           The DPMSEnable function always returns TRUE.

       DPMSCapable(3), DPMSDisable(3), DPMSGetTimeouts(3), DPMSSetTimeouts(3)

X Version 11                     libXext 1.3.3                   DPMSEnable(3)

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