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Config::Extensions(3perPerl Programmers Reference GuiConfig::Extensions(3perl)

       Config::Extensions - hash lookup of which core extensions were built.

           use Config::Extensions '%Extensions';
           if ($Extensions{PerlIO::via}) {
               # This perl has PerlIO::via built

       The Config::Extensions module provides a hash %Extensions containing
       all the core extensions that were enabled for this perl. The hash is
       keyed by extension name, with each entry having one of 3 possible

           The extension is dynamically linked

           The extension is pure perl, so doesn't need linking to the perl

           The extension is statically linked to the perl binary

       As all values evaluate to true, a simple "if" test is good enough to
       determine whether an extension is present.

       All the data uses to generate the %Extensions hash is already present
       in the "Config" module, but not in such a convenient format to quickly

       Nicholas Clark <>

perl v5.20.2                      2014-12-27         Config::Extensions(3perl)

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