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CPAN::DistnameInfo(3pmUser Contributed Perl DocumentatiCPAN::DistnameInfo(3pm)

       CPAN::DistnameInfo - Extract distribution name and version from a
       distribution filename

         my $pathname = "authors/id/G/GB/GBARR/CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.02.tar.gz";

         my $d = CPAN::DistnameInfo->new($pathname);

         my $dist      = $d->dist;      # "CPAN-DistnameInfo"
         my $version   = $d->version;   # "0.02"
         my $maturity  = $d->maturity;  # "released"
         my $filename  = $d->filename;  # "CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.02.tar.gz"
         my $cpanid    = $d->cpanid;    # "GBARR"
         my $distvname = $d->distvname; # "CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.02"
         my $extension = $d->extension; # "tar.gz"
         my $pathname  = $d->pathname;  # "authors/id/G/GB/GBARR/..."

         my %prop = $d->properties;

       Many online services that are centered around CPAN attempt to associate
       multiple uploads by extracting a distribution name from the filename of
       the upload. For most distributions this is easy as they have used
       ExtUtils::MakeMaker or Module::Build to create the distribution, which
       results in a uniform name. But sadly not all uploads are created in
       this way.

       "CPAN::DistnameInfo" uses heuristics that have been learnt by
       <> to extract the distribution name and version
       from filenames and also report if the version is to be treated as a
       developer release

       The constructor takes a single pathname, returning an object with the
       following methods

           If the path given looked like a CPAN authors directory path, then
           this will be the the CPAN id of the author.

           The name of the distribution

           The file name with any suffix and leading directory names removed

           If the path given looked like a CPAN authors directory path, then
           this will be the path to the file relative to the detected CPAN
           author directory. Otherwise it is the path that was passed in.

           The maturity of the distribution. This will be either "released" or

           The extension of the distribution, often used to denote the archive
           type (e.g. 'tar.gz')

           The pathname that was passed to the constructor when creating the

           This will return a list of key-value pairs, suitable for assigning
           to a hash, for the known properties.

           The extracted version

       Graham Barr <>

       Copyright (c) 2003 Graham Barr. All rights reserved. This program is
       free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.10.1                      2011-03-11           CPAN::DistnameInfo(3pm)

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