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CGI::Util(3pm)        User Contributed Perl Documentation       CGI::Util(3pm)

       CGI::Util - Internal utilities used by CGI module


       no public subroutines

       The distribution is copyright 1995-2007, Lincoln D. Stein. It is
       distributed under GPL and the Artistic License 2.0. It is currently
       maintained by Lee Johnson with help from many contributors.

       Address bug reports and comments to:

       The original bug tracker can be found at:

       When sending bug reports, please provide the version of, the
       version of Perl, the name and version of your Web server, and the name
       and version of the operating system you are using.  If the problem is
       even remotely browser dependent, please provide information about the
       affected browsers as well.


perl v5.20.2                      2017-12-01                    CGI::Util(3pm)

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