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B::Hooks::OP::Check(3pUser Contributed Perl DocumentatB::Hooks::OP::Check(3pm)

       B::Hooks::OP::Check - Wrap OP check callbacks

           # include "hook_op_check.h"

           STATIC OP *my_const_check_op (pTHX_ OP *op, void *user_data) {
               /* ... */
               return op;

           STATIC hook_op_check_id my_hook_id = 0;

           setup ()
                   my_hook_id = hook_op_check (OP_CONST, my_const_check_op, NULL);

           teardown ()
                   hook_op_check_remove (OP_CONST, my_hook_id);

       This module provides a c api for XS modules to hook into the callbacks
       of "PL_check".

       ExtUtils::Depends is used to export all functions for other XS modules
       to use. Include the following in your Makefile.PL:

           my $pkg = ExtUtils::Depends->new('Your::XSModule', 'B::Hooks::OP::Check');
               ... # your normal makefile flags

       Your XS module can now include "hook_op_check.h".

   typedef OP *(*hook_op_check_cb) (pTHX_ OP *, void *);
       Type that callbacks need to implement.

   typedef UV hook_op_check_id
       Type to identify a callback.

   hook_op_check_id hook_op_check (opcode type, hook_op_check_cb cb, void
       Register the callback "cb" to be called after the "PL_check" function
       for opcodes of the given "type". "user_data" will be passed to the
       callback as the last argument. Returns an id that can be used to remove
       the callback later on.

   void *hook_op_check_remove (opcode type, hook_op_check_id id)
       Remove the callback identified by "id". Returns the userdata the
       callback had.

       Florian Ragwitz <>

       Copyright (c) 2008 Florian Ragwitz

       This module is free software.

       You may distribute this code under the same terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.20.0                      2011-09-10          B::Hooks::OP::Check(3pm)

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